once upon a time, i developed a series of projects pertaining to social norms & autonomy, f2f community broadening, and digital literacy.

most of them didn't quite pan out as i'd hoped, but i connected with lots of new people / orgs and learned *a lot* in the process of working on them. this page lists the remnants of some of these endeavours.

some attempts to engage with the public sphere:

↗ The Social Autonomy Project ~~~ (O2O18-2O) [a]*
↗ Community Events Directory ~~~~ (O2O19-2O) [a]
↗ Black Views Differ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (O2O2O) [a]
↗ VicBC.Community ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (O2O2O) [a]
↗ The Future ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (?????) [a]

*[a] = archived copy
/ ←←