over the past several years, i've been periodically revisiting, cataloguing, weeding, and consolidating my documented past and online identities in order to decide which pieces i'd like to keep carrying and which ones i'm ready to relinquish. this site is an evolving manifestation of those efforts.

in the process, i hope to find a greater sense of balance, presence, and contentment in an increasingly fast-paced, automated, and overwhelming information society. ultimately, i'm attempting to take responsibility for and share my life on my own terms while also leaving a more manageable posthumous legacy.

i'm slowly designing and developing this space by hand with very crude html knowledge, so it will continue to change as i hone my web skills. the content is updated with memory when i make the time to do so and, as such, will continue to evolve & transform...
until i die or decide to stop sharing it here.

if you have questions or would like to meet for a chat, you can reach me on scuttlebutt, matrix, keybase, or via email. otherwise, please don't hesitate to say hi if you see me somewhere out there...

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19.12.3O/ Seán

*updated while eating lentil soup on march 2nd, O2O2O