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welcome to my corner of the wild web, where the magic, mystery, & weirdness of the untamed digital landscape remain strong.

< - - this is a scan of a booklet i made when i was a kid. i don't specifically remember making it, but i can *feel* that i did through peripheral memories which teleport my mind back to a fundamentally different sense of existence. at that time, my body was adapted to the heat of the Sonoran sun and the humming chill of air conditioning. i regularly read Rosie and the Rustlers aloud with my mom & siblings, played basketball, aspired to live inside of The Neverending Story & Little Nemo, and listened to Nickelodeon tapes. oh, and my favorite animal was the gila monster.

now these experiences have a digital presence, where they're not only preserved in a new form, but also reborn in some sense. if digital magic exists -- and i believe it must, otherwise how do you explain the feeling of 'presence' in this screen? -- then i am studying evocation through creative learning & self-reflection.

so... what is this place? →

19.12.3O/ Seán  

the feelings conveyed in this introduction have been in great part inspired by Robin Sloan - founder of the Society of the Double Dagger - and Zach Mandeville - founder of Solarpunk Magic Computer Club; two extremely eloquent writers who have both rekindled the wonder i felt when i was first exploring the digital realm >ø\‣